Special Forces Of Liberty // De Facto Attorneys General is a volunteer litigation and legislative lobbying team. We file complex and controversial federal lawsuits across the country on topics relating to the culture war, seeking to determine how the Constitution requires or permits the states to respond. In doing so, we serve in the role of the state Attorneys General by bringing lawsuits on topics that are too politically hot for most Attorneys General to get involved with. 

From the wake of our litigation, we custom write legislation for all 50 states in their respective format supported by controlling state and federal Constitutional prescriptions and controlling legal authority uncovered through the process of extensive litigation.  Our volunteers then deliver the proposed legislation through email and in person to members of the House and Senate state legislatures in each state asking them to prime sponsor, support, and enact the bills at the next legislative session.

Since our proposed bills are exhaustively vetted through federal litigation, are narrowly tailored, and are based on identifiable established legal principles, once the bills are enacted they are guaranteed to survive court challenges and actually substantially solve the problems that they seek to address through robust enforcement mechanisms. We do not offer feel-good measures or sham solutions. We do not care about credit or donations, we care about winning and providing substantive legislative solutions that reflect what the Constitution requires or permits.

Our focus is to strengthen the rule of law, defend the integrity of our Constitutional Republic, protect families and children, safeguard marriages, and promote human flourishing. We seek to help members of the state legislature serve their constituents in a meaningful way. While we mainly work with Republicans, we do work with Democrats and Independents as well and expect that all members honor their Clause 3, Article VI oath of office to uphold the United States Constitution regardless of their party affiliation. In each proposed bill, we include legislative findings that identify the controlling legal authority that the measure is based on and can serve as the talking points for the prime sponsors in committee hearings and at floor speeches. In undertaking this process that is guaranteed to work, we do the job of bill drafting, the Attorneys General, and of the legislators to the point where they do not even need to think. 

The only remaining question is do the members want to actually solve the problems we are addressing?  Feel free to team up with us today to help win the culture war and restore fundamental rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. We don’t just complain about problems, we have the pre-written legislative solutions that are best suited to solve the issues at hand.